Their ability to concentrate is less than on larger  Phone Number List  screens. So they hate it when their time is wasted. ah! Then less copy is more, right? Not by definition! In online marketing land, many companies and marketers have a strange idea floating around. Namely  Phone Number List  that by definition the 'less is more principle' applies as soon as you have to give substance to mobile web design including copy. My question in return is always: what exactly do you omit, on which pages? Choosing  Phone Number List  content and not including it should always be thoughtful.

Because: First of all, deleting text(s) can turn  Phone Number List  out very wrong for your SEO, if you delete without a vision. Secondly, just like on desktop, you should always ask yourself this question: 'what does my target group want or need to know, which important (latent)  Phone Number List  questions do I have to answer with content here?' 7 guidelines for mobile-friendly copy Writing is deleting, we all know that credo. But mobile copywriting isn't necessarily about writing less. You have to write better.   Tell the  Phone Number List  most important first Get to the heart of the matter as quickly as possible. Don't let your mobile visitor scroll unnecessarily. What is the webpage about?

What will this content bring me? By not  Phone Number List  immediately testing your visitor's patience, you create the space for yourself to work out the necessary depth 'further down the mobile web page'. Note: choose or design a template that immediately presents your  Phone Number List  visitor with that important first content (think of a headline, intro avoid large hero images ).  Write to the point Compact copy  Phone Number List  is king for mobile. Don't make your paragraphs longer than 4-5 lines. Go for one topic or idea per paragraph.